About Reade

I have always been interested in education.  My mother was a primary school teacher and I followed in her footsteps, graduating from Lakehead University with a Bachelor of Education degree.  After graduation, I spent three years teaching at a variety of schools both at the High School and Elementary levels.  I really enjoyed my time in the classroom, especially interacting with the students. Eventually, I decided to pursue another dream and enter the corporate world, after earning an MBA degree at McMaster University.

I’ve been very fortunate to spend my entire time in the corporate world in the high tech industry.  I’ve spent most of my career building new products and services, and have been responsible for portfolios that have generated billions of dollars. I understand the importance of planning and budgeting, and that sometimes hard choices must be made.  As a TDSB trustee, I’ll use this experience to keep budgets balanced and make the decisions necessary to keep the schools running effectively.

My most important job, however is that of a husband and father.  I have an 18 month old daughter, and it was really her birth that rekindled my interest in education.  I am invested to ensure that all students in the TDSB have the opportunity for a quality education and I can’t wait to get started.