Why Reade

Experienced Educator

Reade is the only Ward 7 Candidate who has actually spent time as a teacher.  Reade taught both primary and secondary levels for approximately three years.  This time in the classroom gives Reade insight and understanding of what actually goes on in the classroom, and the challenges that teachers, students, parents, and administrators face.

Professional Leadership

Reade has vast corporate experience running large, complex organizations.  He understands the need for effective planning, governance, and budgeting, something the TDSB has been lacking with their current trustees.  This professional management experience will help him make the tough choices when necessary.

Tech Savvy

Reade understands technology and how it can advance an organization.  He’s spent the last few years helping organizations digitally transform, and he’d like to help the TDSB evolve as well.  In order to contend in the global economy, the TDSB will need to give their students the tools and training necessary to excel.

Proud Parent

Reade cares about the quality of the schools.  As a recent parent, Reade is keenly aware that a quality education is a fundamental right for everyone in Canada.  His goal is to make sure every school provides the necessary training and support to allow all students the opportunity to prosper.